The conversation

Timing your conversation

  • It's important that you pick the time and place for these conversations. Pick your moment carefully; avoid talking when your teenager is "in a mood", a better time will present itself.
  • Give yourself enough time to talk. If you're running late and you only have five minutes, put the conversation off until another time.
  • If your child is pre-occupied getting ready for a party, sport or trying to study, pick another time.
  • Look for natural opportunities to have these conversations.

Where to have the chat

If you know your teenager will be embarrassed by a particular topic, have the conversation with them when there's no one around. Good places for these conversations are:

  • In the car. From time to time, you'll probably drop them off or pick them up to or from school, a social event or school sport.
  • Sitting around the kitchen table.
  • At the park/cafe or at a place that you regularly do something together.

Using natural triggers

Look out for natural triggers to start the conversation:

  • When you're watching TV
  • If you see something on the internet
  • Reading magazines/newspapers together
  • Your teenager may start the conversation, take this opportunity and use it
  • Be aware of conversations that can lead to breast awareness and steer the conversation in that direction

Conversation starters

... Have you learnt about breast development at school?
... Are any/many of the girls in your class wearing bras?
... How do you feel about getting/ wearing a bra?
... We should think about going to get you fitted for a bra, let's go shopping
... Have you heard about breast awareness and what it means?
... Do you know of the McGrath Foundation? I hear they have a resource for high schools.