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Perfect bodies don't exist, but healthy ones do!

Developed for high schools by the McGrath Foundation, the Curve Lurve program includes FREE teaching and learning resources focusing on breast and body awareness.

It's been designed for students aged 13-18 and is suitable for both single sex and co-educational schools.

The content is linked to each state or territory's PDHPE/HPE curriculum and covers a range of age appropriate subjects including breast development, breast health, puberty, adopting a healthy lifestyle, body image and health priorities in Australia.

For ease of use, the Curve Lurve resource has been broken down into four modules.  See summaries below to determine which lessons might be of interest for your PDHPE/HPE classes.

You may also like to incorporate Curve Lurve into your pastoral care sessions, values education or host as a separate session during assembly or lunchtime. Click here for more information on other McGrath Foundation activities that you might like to incorporate into a Curve Lurve session at your school.